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Corset Q&A Episode 84: Can I Wear a Corset with My Belly Button Piercing?

This week Brittney and Caylyn are talking about corsets and belly button rings! Some of our customers are concerned about wearing a corset and a belly button ring, and whether it is do-able or should be avoided. So, the good news is that you can most definitely wear a belly button ring with a corset! The most important thing is that the piercing needs to be healed (so it can breathe) and that you have something between yourself and the corset. This will not only help your belly button ring from catching on the corset, but will also help protect your corset from sweat and oils that can be transferred. So, steer clear from wearing a corset if you have a fresh piercing and go for it if you have one that is healed!


As always, if you have questions please reach out to our customer service team.  They are always happy to chat with you at length!

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