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Steel Boned Corset Dress Review, 2 dress styles to choose from!

Dress the part in our brand new corset dresses! Perfect for that special occasion or if you just feel like being cute!

Our underbust black satin and lace dress features our CS-426 style corset along with a larger modesty panel in the back to help eliminate any skin or undergarments that may show through.  The CS-426 dress will be just as curvy as our CS-426 underbust corset, with a 12-inch hip spring and 7-inch rib spring giving you that hourglass shape you are looking for. The length of this corset comes out to be 10 1/2 inches, providing you with a higher back to help smooth out and hide any back bulge you may experience when cinching in your waist. The skirt portion on this dress that attaches to the base of the corset will be much longer in comparison to the CS-201 dress while coming out to be 28-inches, all the better to twirl in! One of the wonderful qualities about this dress is the skirt having some extra fluff to help disguise that fact that you may not be able to completely fill out the upperhip portion. I do have to say, one of the best features of this dress is the… POCKETS! Yes, this dress comes standard with large spacious pockets to hold all your personal belongings in. With this garment being more of a fashion piece, we do not recommend sizing down as far as you would if you were waist training in one of our underbust corsets. However, do not get me wrong, you will still get beautiful curves out of this dress!

CS-426 Standard Corset Dress in satin & lace

Now, I would like to present our newest beloved CS-201 mini corset dress in satin and tulle!

This little dress is focused around our CS-201 waspie underbust corset with 17′ inches of tulle and satin attached to the base of the corset, giving it that tutu or fairy princess silhouette. The CS-201 dress will be 9-inches in length with an 8-inch rib spring and 10-inch hip spring making it out to be the curviest waspie corset we have. This corset does not come up as far in the back, but no worries! With not sizing down as far in the dress, you will not have the squish be as profound as you would if you were waist training in the CS-201 underbust corset. With two different colors to choose from in the CS-201 dress, being it our lush ivory or smooth black satin, you will look elegant as ever in both these dresses! Once again the roomy spacious pockets are also a fabulous feature to this little dress!

CS-201 Mini Corset Dress in Satin and Tulle

Just like any steel boned corset, you will find that seasoning your corset will help the steel bones of the corset form to your figure and the corset will lay smoother against you, this also goes for our corset dresses.

In this video, you will notice Brittney and I are wearing standard black t-shirts, however, the wonderful thing about these dresses is the endless possibilities of putting together your own style that suits you! Be it a colorful flowy blouse or even a bedazzled bra, you can not go wrong in styling these little beauties!

When it comes to cleaning and storing your corset dress, we recommend treating them as you would if it was an underbust corset. Do not wash in your washing machine, instead, either spot clean or take it to a dry cleaners. When storing your corset dress we suggest getting pant hangers with clips so that you can clip the top edges of the dress and hang it up neatly in your closet, this way you can avoid any wrinkles or wear and tear that may happen to your dress if you were to just fold it up and throw into a dresser or folding it over a hanger.

Have a great fabric or color idea? Please reach out to us! We are always open to new suggestions and ideas!

Now, let’s see what awe-inspiring outfits you come up with in your corset dress!

Greetings! Over the last few months, Orchard Corset has become my second home. I have been introduced to a variety of different and creative ways to express myself along with assisting others on their own waist training journeys. During my downtime, I love to spend time crafting and playing fetch with my two kitties. I love road trips, jokes and spending time with family and friends. Thank you for taking your time to read my about me!

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