Customer Corset Modification: Shape the underbust line of your CS-411!

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We have the most fantastic Facebook group of creative folks (did you see Crystal’s Halloween DIY?) and this post is another example of that!

Emilee struggled with the underbust shape of her CS-411 standard and wanted to change the shape to suit her unique measurements.  Read on to see how you can do the same thing!
“So my struggle with most corsets is that I have a very short waist to underbust measurement. This means they all try to eat my boobs and it’s so so uncomfortable. I decided to take charge of this situation and did some research. I found a Lucy’s Corsetry tutorial where she takes an overbust and turns it into an underbust.
Basically, I put the sucker on and drew with chalk where I wanted it to hit me instead. I did this with both sides of the corset and then removed the laces. I had to remove the ribbon binding on top in order to get the bones out. After double checking that my measurements were even on both sides of the corset, I removed the busk and bones, trimmed them (leaving room for seam allowance), filed the edges, tipped them with plasti-dip (you can use actual boning tips but I didn’t want to wait for them), stuck them back in, and replaced the binding. Relaced with my inverted bunny ears and I’m set to go!”
Emilee is comfortable and happy with her “custom off-the-rack” corset now!
Tag us in photos if you decide to modify your corsets, we would love to see!

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