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Corset Q&A Episode 77: Are Corsets to be Worn Over or Under Your Clothing?

Hi blog readers! This week we are answering one of our most commonly asked questions, are corsets meant to be work over or under your clothing?

The answer is however you want to wear it is just fine. Some people like to wear their corsets under their clothing to help get that great figure, while some people like to wear their corsets over their clothing to show off how beautiful they are. Whether you are using the corset to enhance your curves or as a fashion accessory there is no wrong way to show it off!

With a corset being such a versatile accessory or base item to be added to almost any outfit often the hardest part is choosing just what to pair it with. Check out our look book  to get some great ideas on how to rock your corset as the centerpiece of your outfit. If you decide to take a sneakier approach check out these tips and tricks to get the stealthiest look in your corset.

If you have any questions please reach out to us here at customer service, we are always happy to help!

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