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Corset Q&A Episode 81: I’m Waist Training, How Often Should I Wear My Corset?

Hi there blog readers! This week we are discussing how often you need to wear your corset when waist training.

How often you should wear your corset depends a bit on where in your waist training you are. If you are working on getting the results that you want you should wear your corset nearly every day. While you are working on achieving your results the more often and longer you wear your corset the faster you will see results.

After you have been waist training a while and have hit your goal waist size you will still have to wear your corset on occasion. We talk about the results from waist training being semi permanent, like braces on teeth. And just like with braces after you get them off if you never wore your retainer again, your teeth would eventually go back to how they were naturally; and the same with your waist. To maintain your waist training results there is no one answer on how often you would have to wear your corset as everyone’s body is different but for the best results you should keep wearing your corset a couple of times a week.

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