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Corset Q& A Episode 90: Why would you wear a corset upside down?

Hi there blog readers! This week we are going to answer the question “Why would you wear a corset upside down?”

Our corsets are made to have a hourglass shape with the hip being wider than the rib. When talking to someone with a more narrow hip, and many times men we will recommend that they wear their corset upside down to put that wider part up at the ribcage where it’s more needed. A corset would be worn upside down when it has the pins on the right and side and the hook loops on the left.

We find that with with off the rack corsets since not everyone has an off the rack body a little bit of custom recommendation can go a long way to a more comfortable fit. If you would like help selecting the best size and style or need help getting your corset to work great for you please check out our sizing page.

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