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Why Hip Ties? Learn how to use them and what they are for in this blog!


In our Corset Q & A Episode 71, we learned the purpose that the hipties on our 426 serve. Today we are going to learn how to use them!

Our corsets with hipties get sent out with the laces laced fully closed, but in order to be effective they can’t stay that way.

To ensure that you are using your hipties correctly, loosen up the laces in both hipties as well as the laces down the back.


Once you have your corset opened up enough that you can wrap it around you without putting any stress or pressure on the frontbusk it’s time to start lacing yourself in.


Once you adjust your corset so that the waist tape is lined up with your waist, you can pull your tummy up into the corset (for those of us with a little extra skin from weight loss or pregnancy) as well as any other fine tuning you may find that helpful when arranging yourself into the corset.

Once you are adjusted start tightening the laces down the back. How tight you do this will depend on if you’ve made it through seasoning your corset or not. Tighten up your laces down the back so that the back busk looks like parallel 11s, or if your corset is fully seasoned, then tightened in the way that allows the corset to fit most comfortably for you.

You can now tie off the back. Once the back is tied up you can now tighten and tie off your hipties.

When tightening your hipties, it’s helpful if you pull down rather than out. If you pull your laces out while tightening the laces, this can encourage the hipties to stick out and be harder to hide under clothing. Whereas pulling the ties straight down when tightening can help encourage the ties to lay flat over your hips.

Adjusting your corset in this order is the easiest way to adjust the hipties to right where they need to be.

If you find that you don’t have quite enough hip to fill out the 426 it’s possible that you can use the hipties to help eliminate a bit of the gapping.

Enjoy experimenting for different looks, whether it be for fashion or function.  

Hi there! I work at the happiest place on earth (more shenanigans and shorter lines than Disney land) Orchard Corset, in customer service. I am a Harry Potter fan to the extreme and a viking enthusiast.

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