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DIY your own Wonder Woman Halloween Costume or Cosplay

DIY your way to the perfect Wonder Woman costume or cosplay!

Featuring our Limited Edition CS-511 maroon faux leather overbust and the CB-905 short belt!

Around here, we LOVE to DIY a corset.  It transforms the corset into something magical and makes it truly one of a kind.  For this DIY, Leanna hand painted our brand new Limited Edition maroon faux leather CS-511 overbust a rich metallic bronze.  If you have been a fan for a while, you have seen this exact technique before when she painted a black leather CS-305 for an Edward Scissorhands character, check out that blog here!  Although hand painting your corset seems like a daunting task, it is quite possibly the easiest way to transform your corset.  All it takes is a willingness to make a mess, an old rag or paper towels, your chosen paint and the corset.  Leather or faux leather tends to work best for this technique, it’s not porous like other fabrics so it won’t soak up any paint and the result is quite opaque.  You could use this same technique with multiple colors for an even more unique finish, as well!

After the corset is  fully painted, has completely dried and you are pleased with the color you can choose to add contrasting stitches down the boning channels.  No?  Does that sound too complicated?  How about faking it with a black sharpie instead?!  It’s easy and fast and looks perfect in photos!

Now that you have the base of the costume, the corset.  What about the rest of the look?

This is of course, totally up to you and your style.  We chose to utilize our corset belts and created Diana’s signature “W” belt.  Painting the belt was even easier, just a coat of gold spray paint and voila!  We were curious about how the elastic on the belt would hold up to the paint and whether or not it would still stretch without being crunchy.  To our surprise, the belt is still perfectly functional!

You can find Diana’s accessories all over the internet right now to purchase as a set, we chose to pull double duty with a few past props that we had lying around.  A coat of gold and bronze spray paint shined them up quite well!

Links to accessories that can be purchased, boots, sword, (similar) shield.

I have to say, I’ve had the opportunity to wear a lot of fun costumes and outfits while working for Orchard Corset.  This one may be my favorite, though!   

We would LOVE to see your Orchard Corset costumes & cosplays, tag us on social media #orchardcorset @orchardcorset and we may even feature your look!


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