Corset Review: CS-511 Overbust in Mesh

Drum roll, please! The current staff favorite, our CS-511 in mesh is a BEAUTY. This corset is sexy, easy to wear, ultra shaping and can suit more bodies than our traditional CS-511 is able to.

Normally, our CS-511 can work for about an A-C bra cup size… but with the flexibility of the mesh, we have had great success with bust sizes up to an E (yes you read that right)! 😱

Now, for the facts:
Front busk length 15.5″
Back length 13″
Side length 14″

Like most of our mesh corsets, this particular style varies in the number of bones. In the smallest sizes, there are 16 bones, but as the sizes get larger the number of bones increase to 26. More bones provide better support and shape as the corset gets larger.

Currently, we carry black mesh but we have had so much positive feedback with this corset that we have done a limited edition run of both red and white with plans to do more colors in the future! What colors would you like to see?

Take a look at our review video to learn more about it and see it in action:


Check out some of the gorgeous photos we have gotten from this stunner:

What do you think? Have you picked up our CS-511 in mesh, yet?

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