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CS-411 LONGLINE corset review- brand new to our collection!

Hello blog readers!

We are so excited to introduce our newest corset to you! A longline version of our ever-popular, classic underbust the CS-411! This corset is suitable for both men and women, which is incredibly exciting!

The biggest difference in these corsets are the lengths. Traditionally, the CS-411 (now called the standard length CS-411) measures 10″ in the front center busk, 10.5″ at the back and 8.5″ on the sides. The longline CS-411 boasts a 12″ front center length, 12.5″ back and 10″ on the sides. Since this is a longline corset, it’s important to make sure that your torso length is long enough to comfortably wear this style. We think that a seated torso length of 11″ is perfect to wear this, check this video to see if your torso is long enough for this style!

This corset has 18 flat and spiral steel bones (just like it’s standard length counterpart!) and is double boned.

Currently available in sizes 18-40 in black satin and black cotton, with more sizes, colors & fabrics coming soon!

You can see the comparison, here:

We have had great success so far on men, ladies with longer torsos and even people who need the length of the longline CS-426 but don’t quite have enough hips to fill out the CS-426. Just like the traditional CS-411, you’ll want to have a moderate amount of natural curve to fill this one out. Be sure to check with our sizing team to see if this will be a good fit for your figure!

We are so excited about this corset, it has been highly requested and we think it’s going to be a wonderful addition to our collection. What do you think of it? Are you hoping for any special colors?

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