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Hi-de-ho blog readers!  I am so excited to share the newest addition to our line of mesh corsets!  Introducing the mesh version of our CS-426 short!

Bran new! Our CS-426 short in mesh!

It’s no secret that here at OC, we love mesh.  A few years ago we brought in the CS-201 (our popular waspie corset) in mesh.  It was such a hit that we then created our classic CS-411 in mesh.  After listening to our fans and customers, we made our longline CS-426 in mesh, our CS-345 hybrid longline and then most recently our CS-511 overbust in mesh!  We have produced quite a few beautiful limited edition colors in these corsets; white, purple, blue, yellow, red and black, gray and of course our black and beige options that we have in our regular line-up.  We love to bring in new colors so keep your eyes out, we will definitely bring in more!

CS-411: our classic underbust shape in a standard length
CS-201: the original mesh in our waspie length
CS-511: our super sexy mesh overbust
Longline CS-426: our curviest and longest mesh underbust
CS-345: our hybrid longline

Mesh corsets are comfortable, they are easy to wear under or over clothing, you can wear them in the hot summer months without getting too warm and it gives a great silhouette because there is so little bulk to these corsets.

Something that you might notice about the short CS-426 in mesh is that it is the only mesh corset that we carry with double steel boning.  Our other styles are single boned patterns (even if the original has double steel bones like the CS-426 & CS-411).

With all of these options, you might be a little lost in a sea of mesh corsets… our sizing experts are always happy to help you with selecting the best size and style for your unique figure.

Take a look at some of our other blogs about mesh corsets and even our fabric blog if you’d like to read more.

What do you think, readers… are you a fan of the newest corset?

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