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Brand new at Orchard Corset- Corset Belts! Runway style for less!

Our customer, Diara, wearing her CB-920 over her long tee
CB-905 Short
CB-925 with snaps



At Orchard Corset we are always looking at corset inspired fashion trends and up and coming styles.  We also have a TON of experience styling outfits around a cinched waist and know what works and how hard it is to find comfortable, quality and interesting accessories.  So… our little design elf (aka our CEO, Cheri) had an idea to put our own corset belts into production!

Love stretchy belts? Who doesn’t?! So easy to wear and great for just about any body type. I personally have quite a collection of stretchy belts to wear with my leggings, sweater dresses, tunics and skirts. What I don’t love is how quickly some of my belts loose their shape. Some of them don’t even fit snug to my body anymore-loose fitting elastic belts are not on anyone’s fashion to-do’s. -Cheri


Belts for any look!
Belts for any look!


Our Corset Belts are cut from a unique material. We use a strong, heavy elastic that holds its shape and provides a nice “cinch” to your waistline. The wide elastic band is flattering on most figures and we plan to add more new styles soon!

Wide Faux Leather Lacing Corset Belt w/ snaps (CB-920S)
Wide Faux Leather Lacing Corset Belt w/ snaps (CB-920S)

Each style has definite corset appeal. The CB-905 uses an actual steel boned corset busk with lambskin leather and the CB-920 (and CB-920S) have laces and grommets up the front to mimic the look of one of our genuine corsets.  

Genuine Leather Corset Belt (CB-905)
Genuine Leather Corset Belt (CB-905)

Our corset belts are wonderfully versatile, any of the styles can be worn flipped “upside down” or worn “right side up” depending on your personal style preference, the laces can be wrapped around (no genuine corset rules here!), the laces can even be trimmed if you’d like less of a tail.  You can wear them over your natural shape, over a shapewear smoothed physique or even over top of a corset!  No matter how you style it… we want to see!  

Orchard Corset quality and value.  Now in fun, flattering, easy to wear belts.

Be sure to tag us in your photos @orchardcorset and use #orchardcorset so we can see how you are wearing your corset belt!

CB-905 in black

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