2016 Halloween Costume Contest. Win a $200 gift card to Orchard Corset!


Halloween is almost here and you know what that means….?  Costume time!

For our spooky photo shoot this year, we decided to go with a Victorian Gothic theme.  We were really inspired by Penny Dreadful (we are NOT okay with the show being over yet!) and some of the fabulous costumes in Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak.  This photoshoot allowed us to utilize a perfectly decayed room in our basement. We have always wanted to use our boiler room in a photoshoot and this was the perfect excuse to have the wits scared out of us for a bit while we got the perfect shot! (it really IS a creepy place)  We are excited to show off our limited CS-411 in olive green cotton, as well as several other styles, as this is such a lovely color AND we can think of about 50 other amazing Halloween costumes we could use it for!

So the CONTEST!!! I’ll zip it and get to the good stuff… how to enter and what you could win! 

We want to see your corseted costumes!

Contest dates: October 1st, 2016- November 1st, 2016

Two (2) winners will be chosen to receive a $200 gift card, each.  One (1) winner will be chosen by our team and one (1) will be voted on by fans.  VOTE HERE!  “LIKE” YOUR FAVORITE <3

Winners will be notified via email and announced on our social media pages on Tuesday, November 8th.

We encourage you to use (1) one Orchard Corset in your costume

Only one (1) entry per person

*Cannot enter a costume that has been entered in any of our contests before*

Fill out the form and attach your submission here

Get creative, get funky and get going!  Halloween will be here before you know it!  If you need some inspiration, check out our Halloween section here on our blog 🙂

As always… if you have any questions at all, please ask! 

Thanks for reading! I have worked at Orchard Corset for over 4 years, I started out as a customer service agent and worked my way into the role of Social Media Manager and Customer Service Team Supervisor. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son, husband and our 3 cats. I am a Whovian, a vegetarian and I love to explore our Wenatchee Valley.


  • Kersten Robbins

    I filled out the form before I sent my pic and now it won’t let me go back to send the pic. Is there an email to send it in?

  • Misshell Mrsny

    Hello! How’s your weekend going? I must say, what a wonderful Halloween photo shoot this year ladies! I love the theme you chose & the fact that you could use your “turn of the century” boiler room as a backdrop! What kind of building are you operating out of?! I’d be creeped out to go down there too!!⋆︎* ⁑⋆︎* (๑•﹏•)⋆︎* ⁑⋆︎* I could see you using that room for a steampunk theme as well! So anyway, I’m really excited to try & enter your costume contest this year! Since Halloween is my favorite holiday & Orchard Corsets’ are my favorite corsets, it’ll be a great reason to incorporate the two! But I’ve yet to consider ANYTHING! I was just wondering if I’d be disqualified for somewhat “replicating” any of your ideas, (from photos posted above) or if that’s “frowned upon”?? Also, must the corset be worn on top of the costume, being entirely visable, instead of worn beneath, or “stealthing” it?? Lastly & off topic, do you no longer accept Discount Codes? I was curious because I just added 2 corsets to my basket & had not seen anywhere, the field where I’d normally enter a code, like for say, the 25% off for 2 corsets code. I was just wondering if was no longer available or not. So yeah, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate any & all of your help! I look forward to all of the great costume entries this year! Wish me luck! Keep up the lovely work ladies! Much love to Orchard Corset!( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
    ♡︎Always, Misshell♡︎

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Misshell! We operate out of an old Elks Lodge in our hometown of Wenatchee, WA. Our building has lots of quirks! There is a pool, a workout room, a racquetball court (that we use for prop storage) and an old dumbwaiter!

      We would be very honored if you replicated any of our photoshoots, you would definitely not be disqualified! You can have your corset over or under your costume, just be sure to let us know which corset it is if it’s not easily identified.

      We do accept discount codes, when you are walking through the checkout process there will be a spot for you to enter your code. After you click your cart, select proceed to checkout. You’ll see a spot on the right side under your items where you can enter your code :0

      Thank you for being a customer! xo

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