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Postpartum waist training with Skylar – Part 4

Skylar Waist TrainingMotherhood: it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s stressful, it’s rewarding and it does some weird stuff to your body.
I’ve never 100% subscribed to the idea that women need to “bounce back” to their pre baby body because

  1. To each their own
  2. It’s not that easy, and
  3. Let’s face it, you’ll never be EXACTLY the same as you were.

Personally, I have a new found love of my bigger hips and bust- my tummy however….. I don’t love as much. This was part of why I took up waist training again after I had my daughter. I knew I wanted to lose a little weight and tone up the tummy while using my corset to regain my curvature.

Skylar Post Partum Waist TrianingFor the most part, as you’ve seen, my return to waist training has been a success: my corset has helped with my dieting (acting as a lap band when I eat), it’s helped with my posture and back pain from pregnancy, and as I’ve begun to lose weight and my corset focuses more of its pressure on my ribs, I’m regaining my curve.
But then things started to slow down- and this is coming from a woman whose middle name should be “instant gratification”. I started to get frustrated.

I chose to breastfeed exclusively and while I always heard that breastfeeding can help with getting back into shape (burning an extra 600+ calories in order to make milk will do that) what they don’t tell you is breastfeeding, not to mention just taking care of a 6 month old in general, leaves you RAVENOUS. So sure, I burn extra calories as I feed my kid but then I back track with the ‘middle of the night, why am I so hungry right now’ bowl of cereal….. Or ice cream. Don’t judge.
I realize now that waist training down to my old cinched waist of 20″ isn’t going to be as easily done as I thought/hoped. I continue to waist train everyday for minimum of 4 hours (sometimes broken up over the course of the whole day). I’ve continued to clean up my diet and try to walk more to tone up. I can tell I’m making progress because when I first cinched myself post baby, the pressure I felt was on my abdomen from my excess tissue being compressed. Now when I cinch the pressure is only in my ribs- where it should be in order to make some progress. I have bad days every now and then (moms, you know what I’m talking about) where I look at my body and think I’m not accomplishing anything and only see what I consider “flaws” in my new body. But putting my corset on helps immensely with that because of course when you’re cinched you look incredibly curvy but also because, even though I can’t always see it, if I wasn’t making progress I wouldn’t be able to almost shut my corset. And I’m so close to shutting it I can almost taste it!
IMG_7820So my next step is a new corset, one size down! I know mine isn’t completely closed yet but here’s the way I see it: my new corset needs two full weeks of seasoning anyway and as I get closer to closing my current one, I can alternate between waist training in one for a few hours and season the other one for another few hours. This way, when I can finally close my corset, my new one is already seasoned and ready to go!
So to you mamas out there who dove back into waist training or are trying it for the first time- don’t give up, don’t get discouraged. It’s slow moving but it’s beginning to pay off!


  • Jenna Rodriguez

    Hello lovely ladies!

    My journey into corsets started almost two years ago after our first son was via emergency cesarean. While I was having a hard time healing from that with a lot of back and abdomen pain I started looking into corsets as an alternative to the binder I was given at the hospital. I did tons of research and my husband was supportive though I never took the plunge into getting one because it seemed like too much to get myself into when I felt I was barely surviving being a first time Mom.

    Fast forward and I am now almost three months pregnant with our second and it has me thinking again about getting a corset after our littlest is born. I feel more confident this go round!

    Then it hit me last night, what about breastfeeding and having a corset on? I would be in the CS-426 Longline. Has anyone any tips or tricks for nursing in a corset, because I don’t think it would work out to take it off everytime littlest one needs to be fed.

    I know that was a bit long for such a simple question, I’ve just waited this long and really want it to work out.


    – Jenna R.

    • Amanda Mcelroy

      Hello Jenna!

      Congratulations on your growing family. : ) I started corseting when I was nursing my second child, and while everyone is unique and will have different experiences, there are a couple of things that I found worked great for me. Everyone has different techniques when it comes to nursing, but I found sitting in a rocking chair vs slumped in a soft sofa was more comfortable. Also wearing the corset over my cloths so I had access to the back laces for quick adjustments throughout the day, wearing it for long periods instead of trying to put it on/off quickly, and choosing the easiest to clean fabric (only took a day to start tucking a burp cloth down my front for protection) are just a few things off the top of my head that helped me personally.
      The absolutely most important thing however is finding a style that is both comfortable and a good fit; even if it may be a different style than what I would have otherwise wanted to wear. Safety is key and sometimes when it comes to nursing this means a bit shorter style (farther from underbust). This is especially true if you are prone to plugged milk ducts! For more tips, tricks, pro’s, and con’s, I would encourage you contact me in customer service by emailing info@orchardcorset.com and putting attn: Amanda in the subject line. I’d be happy to go back and forth with you to make sure you’re confidant in the corset you get and that all of your questions are answered and nerves settled. : )

  • Born.Wild

    Congrats on your progress!
    I’m 9 months postpartum c-section and even with my ob-gyn’s ok, I’ve been nervous about starting to waist train again as it took me SO long to fully recover from the surgery. I’m also another one of those “instant gratification” ladies, so following another mom’s journey has been really helpful in giving me more realistic expectations and will (hopefully) keep me in check on those days where I’ll feel like it’s all for nothing. Thank you!
    Just wondering how your progress is coming along these days and if you plan to continue posting about your postpartum journey?

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