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Postpartum waist training – Part 3

Hello again, waist trainers and corset lovers!

This is going to be a pretty short update this month on my progress in waist training.
Family road tripMainly, and I’m gonna be honest here, because I’ve not made a whole lot of progress this month. My family and I had to make a road trip from Washington to California…. Where it’s currently holding strong at 105 degrees. So while the cotton material of my corset is, to me, the most breathable material to wear in the heat- 105 degrees makes you want to take EVERYTHING off, let alone a steel-boned corset. Also California has this magical place called ‘In-N-Out Burger’ which does everything for my soul and my tastebuds but nothing for my waist training progress.
What I will say is this- I wore my corset when I could (inside the hotel where it was cool, in the car where it was cool…. You get the picture). I’m still noticing the tiniest bit of tenderness in my ribs after about 6-8 hours of corseting (again NO pain- corseting should NEVER be painful). But the tenderness isn’t nearly what it was when I first picked it back up; my body seems to be remembering how this goes and is adjusting nicely.
This is my first road trip since having my daughter and, as anyone who carried around a big pregnant belly will tell you, you have a lot of residual back pain because of it. Riding in cars for hours at a time- that doesn’t help. BUT when it was my turn to drive, I would lace up and my back pain from extended sitting would all but disappear (I did have to lace a little looser for sitting down for that amount of time, similar to the adjustment you’d make if you chose to sleep in your corset).
IN N OUT BurgerAnother thing the corset helped with was not over indulging in ‘In-N-Out’ which sounds silly but have you HAD and ‘In-N-Out’ burger? I have a bad habit of running around, so busy, that when I do get the chance to eat, I over do it. Staying laced in my corset helped immensely with this since it almost acts like an external lap band.
I’ve always known the wide array of things your corset could help with in addition to the actual waist training but it’s not been until recently that I’ve actually been able to put them to the test. So now I’m back home, away from ungodly heat and tempting fast food- hopefully this next months progress makes up of lost time this month!
Post partum waist training

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  • Rebecca

    This maybe a dumb question. Would waist training work doe muffin top/done lap belly? I have 6 children & I can’t seem to get my stomach to not hang over.

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