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Postpartum Waist Training With Skylar- part deux!

So here we are- a solid month into my postpartum waist training and I can tell you this: it is not going the way I saw it going. Be sure to check out part 1 of my postpartum waist training series!

This was going to be easy right? Season the corset, waist train, and work on losing the post baby weight. WRONG. Just like we sometimes underestimate what our bodies are capable of during pregnancy, I totally underestimated how hard it would be to bounce back! But we’re making progress…

I got BIG, seriously, people.
I got BIG, seriously, people.

The first thing I noticed about lacing up again, that I never really noticed as much before, is how great my back felt. I got big, and I do mean BIG in my pregnancy- and it was all front and center which really took a toll on my back. My corset acted like a much needed back brace. It also reminded me what it meant to have good posture again.

The next thing I noticed was the tenderness in my ribs (not pain- your corset should never painful). I would take my corset off and everything would relax, an ‘out of bodice experience’, if you will. *wink* My ribs would have the same slight tenderness you feel after an intense stomach workout- it served as a sign that I had a ways to go but that it was, in fact, working.

At the same time I’m diving back into waist trading, I’m also working on toning my stomach. Because of my size during pregnancy, I wasn’t able to use my stomach muscles as much and let me tell you, it’s amazing how fast atrophy happens. I now have more….fluff…. Around my midsection and that slows down my waist training. No matter how quickly my ribs adjust, you can only lace so much around soft tissue. The good news is, my corset acts like a lap band when I eat. I have this nasty habit of not eating for a while then all of the sudden I’m ravenous and I eat WAY more than I should. The corset keeps me from doing this by making me feel full off of less.

image1 (1)I’m getting progressively closer to being able to close my corset (currently lacing at around 32″-34″ depending on the day and if I’ve eaten). I’m having to learn a patience in waist training like I’ve never had. I can see small changes being made to my body and I have a feeling the next month I’ll have made it even farther.


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