Corset Q & A Series

Corset Q&A Episode 74, Do I Need to Re-Season My Corset?

This week Cheri and Brittney are discussing as to whether you need to re-season your corset after taking a break from corseting.

We may go through periods of time where we may not wear our corset for awhile or take a little break from corseting. Maybe you’ve been pregnant or just got busy with life. If you already have a corset that’s been seasoned, you won’t need to season it a second time. You may however, want to gradually wear the corset for short periods of time instead of wearing it for 8-10 hours like you would have when corseting regularly. The corset may be seasoned, but we recommend that you introduce the corset in small doses of time to give your body will need time to get used to the corset again.

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