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Steal Kim Kardashian’s Cuban Corset Style

Recently, the Kardashian-West clan has been on a vacation in Cuba and Kim K has been sporting some beautiful ensembles featuring very unique corset tops!

Kim with a white corset top
Kim with a white corset top

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a corset top and a corset?  Well, we have a fabulously helpful Corset 101 page where we talk in depth about fashion corsets compared to our steel boned corsets.

Kim Kardashian is accustomed to turning heads with her glamorous style and she is most definitely a trend setter (heard of contouring? thanks, Kim!)  Although her outfits have been featuring beautifully crafted fashion corsets, we think that with some creative styling that we have a few corsets that could fit the bill to recreate her iconic style.

CS-530 in white satin

Our white satin CS-530 paired over an off the shoulder blouse and knee length white leggings would be an almost perfect dupe for her white-on-white look (Kanye not necessary to complete this ensemble). You could also pair it with a white pencil skirt if white leggings aren’t your style and you would still have a gorgeous Kim K inspired look.

Although this next look features a vest that has corset styling rather than a traditional corset, you can get the same effect with a white skirt and sleeveless shirt and our beige mesh CS-201 or CS-411.  Don’t forget your cell phone so you can get the perfect selfie 🙂


CS-201 Mesh Waspie
CS-201 Mesh Waspie
CS-411 Mesh Underbust Corset
CS-411 Mesh Underbust Corset

The most recent outfit that she has been seen wearing is a show-stopper!  She wore a black Givenchy wool corset top with a cream colored leather lace-up skirt, nude heels and simple yellow gold jewelry.  You can recreate this look for much less by pairing our black mesh CS-201 (the pointed shape mimics Kim’s more pricey version) over a black low cut tank top with a vegan leather skirt and nude pumps or sandals.

Kim Kardashian in Givenchy wool corset top
CS-201 black mesh

We absolutely loved diving into Kim Kardashian West’s style this week and we would love to make this a series on our blog.  What do you think, readers? If you recreate any of these looks, we would love to see them!  Be sure to tag us on Instagram @orchardcorset or snap them to us @orchardcorset

Happy corseting!

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