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Corseting & Waist Training Postpartum With Skylar – Starting Over

Hello OC blog readers! I’m super excited to be writing another blog for Orchard Corset- this time to share my journey through postpartum waist training.

Back in the pre-pregnancy, waist training days, cinched to 20 inches!
Back in the pre-pregnancy, waist training days, cinched to 20 inches!

I’ve been waist training for almost 3 years now and consider myself a pretty avid trainer. At my peak I wore my corset for about 8 hours a day, anywhere from three to five days a week (sometimes more if I was feelin’ it). I started my waist training in a size 24 corset in what I still consider my favorite Orchard Corset style, the CS-411. Over the next couple of years, between various CS-411’s and CS-426‘s, I managed to get my waist all the way down to 20 inches (fully cinched)….. Then I got pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong- I was thrilled! But as any avid waist trainer will tell you, it can feel hard to part with that kind of accomplishment. I gladly put my corsets aside once I found out I was expecting, knowing I would cinch back into my size 20 one day.

9 months flew by and on February 1st I had a beautiful baby girl! No one really tells you this, but just because you give birth does NOT mean that your pregnant looking belly goes away. I was holding my baby, looking down at a tummy that still looked like it was carrying twins! The smartest thing I did was pack my Vedette waist cincher in my hospital bag to help compress my uterus and subsequently my tummy back down. At first I couldn’t even clasp it shut but little by little I got it on. Once my cincher was on, my left-over baby bump went away pretty quickly- I also thought the pressure of the Vedette actually felt great!

After 6 weeks I had my first postpartum check up with my doctor and was given the ‘all clear’ to resume waist training. I had the motivation, I had the green light but I didn’t have a corset that fit me anymore. So I visited Orchard Corset and got remeasured. I’m now the proud owner of a CS-411 in a size 28 (it stings just a little to say that after you got to the point where you could close a size 20). While I usually go for satin because it’s easier to break in and to stealth, I decided this time to go for cotton which is easier to wipe clean. This was a pretty wise decision as my corset, at any given time, is adorned with cat hair, breastmilk and baby spit up…. Parenthood.

It’s been three weeks since I got my corset, and I’ve now completed my two week seasoning period for my new corset. If you are unfamiliar with seasoning I HIGHLY recommend checking watching the Orchard Corset video about seasoning.

So here I am: in a brand new corset, 2 sizes bigger than where I originally started, 8 sizes bigger than where I left off, baby on my hip, ready to begin all over again and share my postpartum waist training journey with you month by month in the hopes that it helps some of you mamas and soon-to-be mamas!

1 week of seasoning a corset 2 weeks of seasoning a corset

So I will see you back here in 4 weeks with a progress report and hopefully some waist shrinkage!



  • Bren Taylor

    I’m so glad I found this blog! I ordered a size 24 but unfortunately it’s a tad small so I’m exchanging it for a size 26, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!! I’m trying to get back to my pre baby bod and with the help of exercising, waist training and eating better I hope to get there soon! Can’t wait to read the rest of the posts! I seriously fell in love with this company and these corsets!

  • Ady

    I love this! I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and want to waist train ASAP. I haven’t been able to find anyone that has really done it. I hope to have minimal complication and to jump right back into it and also to fit back into the same corset ( wishful thinking I’m sure ). Thank you so much for sharing your story and experience!

  • Skylar Hansford

    Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s been fun getting back into my training- I hope it works out as well for you!

  • Maria

    Hi Skylar. Thank you for sharing your journey. I had my first child 5 years ago. This is so true that no one tells you that after giving birth the feeling of being fat doesn’t go away. We, moms have to work really hard to get back in shape. Although, I’ve seen some really lucky ladies who snap right back without doing much! I am not one of them :o) I am considering to begin waist training. I am doing my research and gathering information. I love this website for all the tutorial videos and blogs. Thanks again and I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from you! -M

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