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Teresa’s Support System… Family and Corsets

Hello OCBlog readers!  You might remember a story we featured about how Teresa Uses Corsets for Pain Relief and Back Support.  I recently received an update from Teresa.  After an additional surgery, Teresa has turned to her family, faith, and Orchard Corset corsets for support.  We are truly inspired by Teresa’s positivity, and perseverance to overcome the challenges that she has been faced with.

NOTE*** We always suggest that if you are corseting for medical reasons you check with your doctor first.

Part of Teresa’s “Support System”

Once again I have depended on Orchard Corsets for support. During the time I was recovering from the car accident my husband and I were involved in, I had to be admitted for emergency surgery. I noticed that my abdominal area was having many issues. I was examined many different ways and doctors could never find anything wrong other than torn muscle and bruising because of the impact I had endured from the seat belt strapped around my abdominal area. I knew it was more than that and on June 27 we discovered it was so much more. I was admitted for surgery and the problems I was experiencing were corrected. Now it was time for the recovery stage. My abdominal area was very swollen and I was going through so much pain because of movement. I had to walk to get those muscles going and it was hard work but I pushed through it.

Feeling fabulous and looking fine in Orchard Corset CS-345 in Beige Cotton steel boned underbust corset
Feeling fabulous and looking fine in Orchard Corset CS-345 in Beige Cotton steel boned underbust corset

As I sat one evening thinking of ways to help ease the pain I realized that I own Orchard Corsets.   I was told about abdominal binders for surgical support but I wanted to try my corsets. Believe me when I tell you that the front lower part of my corset supported my incision and it helped to keep the swelling controlled. It was amazing.
..especially when I sat down or stood up. Usually I had a pillow that I hugged for support when sitting or standing…did not need the pillow any more! I asked my doctor if I could wear my corset during this period of recovery and he said yes. He just advised me not to tighten it too much. I wore my corset throughout my recovery and it helped so much. The sturdiness and design of the Orchard Corsets is perfect and I was able to look great once again wearing such a beautiful corset. I have thanked Orchard Corset many times for providing the perfect product that gives so much to its customers. If you’re waist training or looking for additional  pain relief and or abdominal support…give this product a try…you’ll be very satisfied and pleased. Once again thank you Orchard Corset for helping during my time of need.

Semper Fidelis

I would also like to say thank you to all my children and grandchildren for the support and love from far far away. To my husband, my Marine, my Hero…thank you for keeping your promise. To all the Marines in 29 Palms CA who took care of me…you have my heart! God Bless and stay safe.


  • Cory Diaz

    Teresa is an amazing woman with incredible strength and a huge heart. I visited her after her accident and was amazed to see how well she was doing. The effort came from within but the support these corsets provided allows for her to do things that otherwise she wouldnt be able to do. Some of the simple things like lifting something, sending time and being active with her grandchildren (yes, you heard that. She’s a grandmother), or taking care of her home would not be possible. And the fact that they loog fantastic is just an added bonus.

    She has a great beautiful relationship with her husband, an incredible bond with her children, and the support of the rest of her family and friends.

    God bless

  • SSgt Panez

    To my lovely Wife, you are the strongest woman I have ever known. You have been though so much and yet you still have the time to show me how much you love me. I want to give thanks to our Lord for taking care of my wife. May he continue to bless Orchard Corset for their well designed corsets that have helped my wife. Keep up the good fight Chula and thank you for being strong and patient with me…I am not far from you, whenever you need a hand. I will always take care of you and keep my promise. Love you my Queen

  • Teresa Panez

    Jennifer Gordon, It’s always a pleasure to wear Orchard Corsets….for support, medical reasons or just being part of my daily outfits. I love them!

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