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Why did they recommend *that* corset?

IMG_2443A question that we hear from our customers very regularly is ‘”Why did you recommend X corset and not Y corset?”  It is a very reasonable question to ask, especially if you had your heart set on a specific style or shape.

Off the rack corset sizing requires that we gather specific information from you in order to size you as accurately as possible.  When shopping for a corset, the underbust measurement and the upper hip measurement of the corset style need to match your natural shape closely without being smaller than your natural measurements.  The only corset measurement that should be smaller than your actual size is the waist size of that corset.

When you give your measurements to a member of our sizing team they will do the “corset math” to find your best match.  If you’re ever curious about the “corset math” you can always look at the sizing tab on each of the product pages and it will list the rib-spring and the hip-spring for that style too!  Krystal-201-mesh-beige-pin-up-secretary

The first step is gathering your measurements… (check out this blog on why that is so incredibly important too!)  Then, they will determine what you are wanting to use the corset for (waist training or fashion) and also establishing whether your midsection is firm or more squishy.

With all of those details they will be able to form an educated opinion on what should and what won’t work for you.  You may get a couple of recommendations or you may only receive 1 suggestion.  Not every corset will fit every body and that is perfectly normal.

Although most customers want to have that va-va-voom look, not everyone can fill out the extreme curves of our curviest styles nor can all customers comfortably fit in our more narrow shapes.  Which is exactly why we have many different styles and shapes to try and suit as many body types as possible.

We hope that this blog helped you to understand how & why our sizing experts arrive at the recommendations that they make for you!

Thanks for reading! I have worked at Orchard Corset for over 4 years, I started out as a customer service agent and worked my way into the role of Social Media Manager and Customer Service Team Supervisor. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son, husband and our 3 cats. I am a Whovian, a vegetarian and I love to explore our Wenatchee Valley.


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