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What to Wear with Your Corset! Wear It Wednesday, March 30

Welcome to our Wear-It Wednesday seriesCS 426 maroon satin brittney full (1)Wondering what to wear with your corset? We’ll break down an entire outfit, head to toe, that one of our ladies from Orchard Corset is wearing. We’ll let you know where she bought each item and how much she paid for it.

Hey Everyone! This week’s Wear It Wednesday features Brittney, our super special sassy sizing expert! Brittney loves all things girly and glitzy, but at the same time can take an outfit that isn’t super girly and make it look feminine. This week she is wearing black skinny jeans that she purchased at an outlet mall ($25), Gray Vegan leather vest ($25 H&M, baby), Gray hoodie from Caser’s casino in Vegas ($20), black pashima scarf (it waCS 426 maroon satin brittney closeup (1)s a gift and it’s rude to ask the price) and her sweet gray low top converse were ($50). She is rocking the CS-426 in maroon which adds the right touch of color to her outfit.

If you’d like more ideas for styling with your corset, be sure to follow us on Instagram where we post an outfit of the day! If you’d like us to see YOUR styling ideas use #OrchardCorset and #corsetstyle!

Hey there all you blog fans! I'm Amber and I think working at Orchard Corset is the bees knees! I'm currently not allowed to drink French press coffee anymore....I can't handle it! Practical jokes are my favorite and scaring people is my specialty. High fives are the best greeting.

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