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Corset Q&A Episode 72: Does Orchard Corset Ship Discreetly?

This week Amy and Caylyn are discussing how Orchard Corset ships our sweet corsets and what you can expect when receiving an order from us. We ship orders to just about anywhere for our customers; work, home, PO boxes and pretty much anywhere a package can be shipped. Not all of our customers want other people to know what they are ordering and lucky for them, we make it so easy! When you order a corset from OC your package will be shipped in a plain shipping bag (Fedex or USPS) and doesn’t have “Orchard Corset” plastered all over the bag, or at all. The label is very plain and has OC Shipping as the return address along with our address and a sticker that says “I hope you like awesome ’cause you just got some!” If you need a package to be shipped more discreetly, just contact us and let us know.

Hey there all you blog fans! I'm Amber and I think working at Orchard Corset is the bees knees! I'm currently not allowed to drink French press coffee anymore....I can't handle it! Practical jokes are my favorite and scaring people is my specialty. High fives are the best greeting.


  • Kae

    I do think though that the shape of the corset would be fairly obvious through the envelope, especially if someone were to pick it up and feel the bones. Is there an option for a regular (not pink) box instead?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi there! We roll the corsets up (we call them corset burritos). We use plain USPS or FedEx bags and boxes, pink would be fun but we don’t actually use them 🙂 If you need us to use a box instead of an envelope, just give us a call after you place your order. Thanks!

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