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What to Wear With Your Corset! Wear It Wednesday, March 23

Welcome to our Wear-It Wednesday series! Wondering what to wear with your corset? We’ll break down an entire outfit, head to toe, that one of our ladies from Orchard Corset is wearing. We’ll let you know where she bought each item and how much she paid for it.

CS 426 beige mesh brittney wear it wednesday fullHello OC fans!  For this weeks Wear-It Wednesday we are featuring Brittney, Orchard Corset Sizing Expert and resident eye brow guru (among other things).  We all look forward to seeing what sassy and cute outfit Brittney will be wearing any day of the week.

Brittney is light and airy with her favorite corset, the CS-426 in Beige Mesh ($79), look how that corset hugs her curves! Curves for days!  Ironically, Brittney is wearing her Legz for Dayz Plus Size 5 Pocket Jeggings ($25).  She keeps it neutral with a sheer camo tee from Penny’s ($5) and a breezy scarf from a little hippie shop in Newport, OR ($15).  Never someone to be understated, Brittney finishes her outfit with charming glitter flats from Target ($20)Brittney WIW

If you’d like more ideas for styling with your corset, be sure to follow us on Instagram where we post an outfit of the day! If you’d like us to see YOUR styling ideas use #OrchardCorset and #corsetstyle!


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