Corset Q & A Episode 70
Corset Q & A Series

Corset Q&A Episode 70: OC Team Members, What Is YOUR Favorite Corset?

Sometimes we like to take a break from the usual questions and find out what corsets our Team Members like  to wear. One of the MANY fantastic benefits of working here is that all the corsets are at our fingertips and we can try all the different styles. Sometimes after trying on a new style we even have a new favorite corset (which is why we like to check in with everyone from time to time).  If you’ve got other corset related questions be sure to check out all the blogs from our Corset Q&A Series.

Jen is up to bat first today and her current favorite corset is the CS 426 Short with hipties. She doesn’t really need the extra hip spring created by opening up the hip ties, but she loves the splash of color that she gets with some of our satin laces for the hip ties!

Next up is Rachel and she corsets nearly everyday. She always looks amazing and does a great job pairing her corsets and outfits. Her current favorite corset is the CS 411 in leather. It’s nice and warm in the winter and also happens to look fabulous with leather boots, so double bonus!!!

If you’ve got a question that you’d like us to answer in a Corset Q & A, please let us know in the comments!

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