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Drinking While Corseted: (Potentially) Dangerous Curves Ahead

caylyn-426-black-cotton-hip-ties-When I got my first corset, I couldn’t wait to show it off at ladies’ night. It made all of my boring old outfits feel new and edgy again, and I loved that. It was like having a whole new wardrobe and I LOVED it! What I wasn’t expecting was the physical effect it would have on me when I drank.

I’m usually a three drink maximum kind of gal, but that night, I just wasn’t feeling like my drinks had any effect on me, so I ended up having more than I usually would have. After being dropped off at home, I unlaced my corset and took it off to get ready for bed. Within five minutes, I was remembering my excessive consumption as my room did a few turns. I drank some water and drug myself to bed to sleep it off.

The next day, I wondered what had happened. I considered just shrugging it off as a bad life-choice, because that’s a concept I’m familiar and fairly comfortable with…. 😉 I had never had all my drinks hit me at once at the end of the night before, though, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to look into it. Some quick research into “drinking while corseted” revealed that wearing a tightly-laced corset can slow the distribution of alcohol through your system, and removing the corset quickly allows it to flood your system all at once. Mystery solved!

Armed with that information, I figured I would be prepared in the future, and it wouldn’t happen again. I figured wrong, mainly due to the afore-mentioned bad life-choices. With my corset on, I can still get just intoxicated enough to forget that I shouldn’t drink more and then take my corset off all at once, so it has happened more than once…. I guess I just needed to be really sure.

You would also think my friends and family would benefit from the wisdom of my experience, but again, WRONG! Once, at a pre-Halloween party, one of my friends wore a corset with her costume (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, in case you’re curious). She was drinking wine all night, and getting a little silly, but overall, keeping it together pretty well. That is, until we got back to my place after the party, and she promptly took her corset off all at once. BOOM! Instant crazy girl, just remove corset.

I also recently learned from a great article by The Lingerie Addict that not everyone reacts in the same way to drinking and corseting — some people get hit with nausea or acid reflux. Personally, I would rather just find myself suddenly quite drunk at the end of the night, so I guess that’s a win for me. Whatever your side-effects of drinking and corseting may be, it’s always best to find out for the first time in a controlled, safe environment so that when you do go out and party in your corset, you can have a fun, safe time with no nasty surprises. Happy corseting!


  • Terri

    I will attest to the corset drinking efftect. I was out all night being corseted tightly and drinking my normal vodka drinks, normally 6 or so and I stop. This night I think I had 10 at least and still felt fine. Walked home, no issues, took off the corset and got into bed. 30min later let just say the bathroom became my friend. Dont drink more than your normal, I really didn’t know this, until I read this now. Thanks

  • PunkRockMomster

    Been there, done that. I wear underbusts in several different styles; I waist train regularly and usually do not go out without being corseted. I seem to do better keeping myself ‘together’ in the shorter style corsets; the longline corsets get me everytime and I am super tall (6′).

  • Caroline

    Thank you! This is really helpful information. And couldn’t be more timely for me. Does anyone know what happens if you drink, wait for the effects, and then corset? Just out of curiosity.

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