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What to Wear With Your Corset! Wear It Wednesday, February 10


CS 411 black leather rachel closeupWelcome to our Wear-It Wednesday series! Wondering what you can wear with your corset? We’ll break down an entire outfit, head to toe, that one of our ladies from Orchard Corset is wearing. We’ll let you know where she bought each item and how much she paid for it.

Hey Everyone!  This week’s Wear It Wednesday features our Customer Care Superstar, Rachel.  Rachel has an awesome variety of leggings and easily pairs them with a lovely corset for the perfect outfit.  It’s always fun to see her enter the office and check out her look for the day!  Today, Rachel is wearing a simple but versatile black tunic top from Old Navy that was a mere $6.99 and is a wardrobe staple.  The ever-so-cool bold, yellow with geometric print leggings were $25.00 from Lula Roe.  She got a great deal on the fashionable Clark’s short leather boots at J.C. Penney for $49.99.  The finishing touch simply had to be her very favorite corset, our gorgeous CS-411 in leather.  One can never go wrong with the stunning look of the exquisite look of premium lambskin leather!

CS 411 black leather rachel full If you’d like more ideas for styling with your corset, be sure to follow us on Instagram where we post an outfit of the day!  If you’d like us to see YOUR styling ideas use #OrchardCorset and #corsetstyle!

Hey OC Bloggers, this is Mary. I’m one of the very-happy-to-help-you Customer Care staff members. We love what we do here and love to share the love with all of you! I’m known for making coffee (French Press is the Bomb!) and bringing in made with care treats for my lovely team members. I think I’m also the senior on board but hey age is all in your mind right?


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