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What To Do About That Back Bulge From Corseting

The dreaded back bulge! Many people experience this issue when corseting, myself included. It’s hard to say when and whom this scourge will strike. Everyone’s bodies are so different that if two people have the exact same measurements and wear the exact same corset, one may experience back bulge while the other may not. Fortunately, there are several things you can try to deal with this unsightly irritant.

The first option is to try loosening the top of the corset just enough so it is no longer cutting into your back, while still lying flat against your body in the front. Unfortunately, this may not work for everyone, as those with underbust measurements smaller than their waists may experience gaping at the underbust of their corsets if they loosen them up at the top. Never fear, though — we’re not out of ideas yet!

Another possibility is to reconsider the clothes you wear with your corset. Back bulge will be most visible with thin, form-fitting tops, so wearing a looser or thicker top, or something with some texture or ruching can help disguise that bulging. If your aim is to flatten the bulge rather than hiding it, though, read on!

Our next suggestion is to try one of our Vedette waist cinchers with straps. The reason we recommend one with straps is that the straps allow those pieces to go up higher in the back, which can help smooth out any bulging between your corset and your bra. The downside of this option is that it can be quite warm to wear a full waist cincher underneath your corset. That’s why we have one final solution for you!

The Vedette 941 bra booster is an underbust bra booster with a longline fit. The length in the back and front is easily enough to bridge the gap between your bra and your corset and smooth everything out, and can be worn either over or under the top of your corset, whichever you find most comfortable! As a bonus, the 941 has quarter cups in the front that tuck neatly under the cups of your bra for a bit of added lift! This is my personal favorite back bulge solution.

Before & After with the Vedette 941

We hope one of these suggestions will work for you, too!

Do you have any other tricks for hiding or minimizing the dreaded back bulge? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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