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Corset Q & A Episode 65: Are There Benefits To Waist Training In An Overbust Corset?

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What Are Some Benefits of Waist Training in An Overbust Corset?

Yes, you can train in both an overbust as well as an underbust corset. But, you may find that one is more comfortable than the other and may suit your outfit for the day better. It can be tricky to get a perfect fit in an off the rack overbust corset, you may remember that we discussed that in a previous Q&A video, and achieving an ideal fit in an off the rack overbust may not be possible. Whereas fitting an underbust corset is more easily done.

There isn’t a long list of benefits to waist training with an overbust versus an underbust, but one of the biggest advantages to training your waist in an overbust would be the convenience of not having to wear a regular strapped bra along with your corset. Having the support for your bust while eliminating your bra straps is a win-win in our book! Another benefit of an overbust would be that you will likely have more of a seamless look as it’s a longline corset with a high back, these characteristics together can help to achieve that really classic hourglass shape. An overbust is not necessarily better than an underbust or visa-versa, in your daily life and your style one may work better for you than the other.

As always, we strongly recommend finding the best fitting corset for your figure. This is especially important in an overbust as you need to have the pressure from the corset on your waistline and not on your bustline. The CS-511 overbust corset is made for smaller cup sizes of A-C and our CS-530 style is made for larger cup sizes of D-G. If you are at all unsure about sizing please reach out to our lovely corset sizing experts! They are always happy to help you find a great fitting corset for your figure and your needs.
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We hope this Q & A provides you with information about both our underbust and overbust corsets and the process of waist training in an overbust corset and how it differs from an underbust corset! Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.


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