What To Wear With Your Corset! Wear It Wednesday, December 9

Welcome to our Wear It Wednesday series!  Wondering what to wear with a corset?  We’ll break down an entire outfit, head to toe, that one of our ladies from Orchard Corset is wearing.  We’ll let you know where she bought each item and how much she paid for it.

Hey Everyone! This week’s Wear It Wednesday features Rachel, one of our lovely Customer Service Divas. Rachel shares the love of corseting and her collection of corsets continues to grow rachel 411 purple satin wear it wendesday fulland blossom! Her efforts at coordinating her corsets to her array of clothing styles is very dedicated.  She also knows how to look fabulous and not stress her fashion budget. She has a passion rachel 411 purple satin wear it wendesday closefor all things Star Wars and loves to show her fan loyalty. Today Rachel is wearing a nice, long black sweater dress she purchased at JC Penney ($20) topping her VERY dear to the heart Star Wars leggings from JC Penney as well that cost a mere $6.50! She has on a long cardigan sweater from Maurice’s on clearance ($14), clearance short boots ($5) from JC Penney, earrings from Maurice’s ($15) and an awesome boutique necklace from Bella in Healdsburg, CA that was ($18). She tops this outfit with the very brilliant purple CS-411 satin corset for that eye-catching WOW!

If you’d like more ideas for styling with your corset, be sure to follow us on Instagram where we post an outfit of the day!  If you’d like us to see YOUR styling ideas use #OrchardCorset and #corsetstyle!

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