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Corset Q & A Episode 64: Why Does My Corset Have A Gap Or Flare At The Hip?

Do you have a question about steel boned corsets, waist training or corseting? The answer is probably somewhere in our Corset Q & A series.

Why Does My Corset Have A Gap?

Like many of our customers, I really wanted to to be able to wear the CS-426 and CS-426 short. But on the first day that I tried on the two styles of corsets, the corsets had gaps so large that I could place my whole hand under the hip of the corset. And you can see in the video that Jasmine has the same issue in the CS-426 short. As Cheri explains, some gapping is natural in a new corset and will gradually disappear with time and seasoning, however a very large corset gap at your underbust or hip may mean that you’ve got a style that doesn’t work with your natural shape. Watch the video and you’ll notice that Cheri’s new CS-411 in Crimson Cotton had a few inches of gapping at her underbust, but with time and seasoning that area will form to her body, just like her famous CS-411 in Red Satin! In short, seasoning is a very important process to allow the corset to form to your unique body, but if you have more than a few inches of flaring, especially around the hips-you might want to call customer service and make sure  you have chosen the correct corset style for your body. Unfortunately for Jasmine and I, the amount of gapping that we have at the hips in the CS 426 style is NOT going to go away with seasoning as we just don’t have the hips to fill this corset out. That’s one reason that we suggest you send your measurements to our sizing experts, especially if you are new to corseting.

We hope this Q & A provides you with information about our corsets and the process of seasoning and picking the corset that works well for your body! Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.


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    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Jamie! That was a black friday limited edition color & fabric that we carried this past year. We may bring it back again, but I don’t think it will be in the near future as we just recently had them. I’m sorry that you missed it!

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