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“My corsets are my friends” -Postpartum depression and corseting

We absolutely LOVE hearing stories about our customers’ experiences wearing corsets. It’s always fun to see pictures and hear about how you’ve been waist training and lost several inches from your waist, but some of our favorites are from people whose experiences corseting have really changed their day to day lives. One that comes to mind immediately is Teresa and the relief she got from back pain while wearing her corset. Here’s another to add to the list, Janelle was able to corset to get some relief from her postpartum depression. Her story below…

About three months after I had my second child, I developed postpartum depression pretty badly. I had tried a couple different medications but the side effects made me even more miserable so I had to stop taking any sort of pills and just try to handle things on my own.

During this time, on what I thought was an unrelated note, I was looking up Victorian and Edwardian clothing and of course, corsets were one of the things I found. I ran across Orchard Corset’s website and loved what I saw but didn’t have the money to buy one right then. My wonderful husband thought I was slightly nuts for wanting a corset but agreed to get me one for my birthday. When I got my first corset in the mail, I put it on and thought, “This feels weird,” but then I felt myself relax for the first time in a long time. I was just breaking it in around the house because I was afraid of getting funny looks or comments, but the more I wore it, the more I enjoyed it. The corset relieved my back pain while correcting my posture and made me feel feminine instead of frumpy.

Now, all my life I’ve been shy, and even though I’m a small person to begin with, I always slouched down, making myself even smaller, because I never knew what to say. This corset didn’t allow me to do that anymore and I found myself feeling a little more confident, enough to actually leave the house in it, though it was still under my normal clothes. Nobody really seemed to notice so I started wearing it out more, still under my shirts and even tucked into my jeans since it was a longline corset.

I’m a cuddly sort of person and I like to be held and give hugs at least a little more than the average person (I think), and I was surprised to find wearing a corset gave me all the hugs I needed, relieved my stress, and even made me feel more loved and much more confident as a result. I definitely didn’t buy my first one with any of these things in mind! Even though I know how silly it sounds, my corsets are kind of my friends now. They make me feel hugged/loved and with blooming confidence as well, I’m finally able to accept myself and my love of old-fashioned things, confident enough to say what I think, and I am now even wearing them on the outside just because they’re pretty and I can.

I may not wear corsets as much as I would like to (just because I try to prevent wear and tear from my children), but just knowing that they’re there whenever I need some kind of boost makes me a much happier person. I no longer have depression and I can wear at least a small piece of my heart around my waist instead of my sleeve.

Lucy from Lucy’s Corsetry has an excellent blog on the subject of mental and emotional benefits of corseting if you’d like more information on the subject.

Hiya! I'm the Marketing Director here at Orchard Corset, which is pretty much the best place ever to work! (like you hadn't already guessed THAT!) I live in beautiful Washington state with a husband a few animals and some kiddos in the mix. I prefer margaritas (on the rocks with salt) but a mojito will do in a pinch!


  • kianyafireweed

    I am not surprised to hear about this. One of things that most people forget is that pain makes postpartum depression worse, and each egg on the other in a vicious cycle. Also, by assisting the biomechanics of the lower spine where all the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves congregate, these unmyelinated nerve hubs improve postpartum depression. (We also see snug compression of these regions of the body help the anxiety often seen in autism though I’m still working on why this is the case. But if it works, why complain?) This is a real, physiological response, not just something “in the head”, so to speak.

  • Teresa Panez

    Reading stories of people whos lives have changed because of Orchard Corset bring a great smile to my face because I also know the feeling. Janelle, your amazing!!

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