Corset Halloween Inspirations – 2015

Are you in need of some inspiration for your Halloween costume this season? Were you hoping to work a corset into your Halloween look? Our master-stylist, Leanna, has completely outdone herself this year, with these 7 (8 if you count our ringmaster!) amazing corseted Halloween looks. With the variety here there’s surely something to inspire you!

black swan halloween 426 mesh black coset
Our Black Swan look. Caylyn is stealthing our CS 426 Mesh corset under her ballet tutu. Doesn’t she look fierce?!


Next up is our circus themed shoot. A tightrope walker (in a cream satin CS 411 corset), a very serious clown (in a red satin CS 411 corset) and our two ringmasters to round things out (our lady ring master is wearing a CS 201 corset in black mesh).

CS 411 Satin Corset in CreamCS 411 Red Satin CorsetCS 201 Black Mesh Corset

Corsets are a PERFECT accessory for your steampunk look. Hit the craft stores and secondhand shops for your gears and gizmos. Glue or pin them to your corset! (more tips for embellishing your steampunk corset) Our beaked timekeeper is wearing the CS 411 corset in purple satin. The steam punk photographer is wearing the CS 426 in Maroon Satin. Rachel, in the wild, wild West theme is wearing the CS 426 corset in black leather which Leanna painted with gold fabric paint. Tips for painting your corset can be found here. Three great looks here!CS 411 purple satin corsetCS 426 maroon satin corsetCS 426 black leather corset

If you need still MORE ideas for working your corset into your Halloween look, we have an entire Halloween category dedicated to it, so head there for more ideas!


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