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So You Think You Can Decorate…Denise’s Corset

So You Think You Can Decorate…

DeniseWe can always count on Orchard Corset to ask us to “step out of the box” and express ourselves.  Sometimes that is a big challenge for me but this crew is so full of enthusiasm you can’t help but join in the fun!  I handle corsets in shipping all day and now I had to pick one to showcase.  I’ve always had a desire to wear our CS-511 and here was my golden opportunity but I chose the lovely black satin corset.

Now my seamstress skills were about to come into play and that sparks a flame for me.  When I tried on my beautiful overbust corset I didn’t like the “back boobs” I was getting so I decided to add lace sleeves that would conceal that.  I had an old lace shirt that didn’t fit me just right and I deconstructed it to add lace to trim the corset.  A seamstress extraordinaire here at Orchard Corset showed me how to make a rose from lace.  I happen to be quite the thrift queen and found a lacy négligée, ooh la la! to deconstruct also.  It was perfect for the skirt for the bottom of my corset.  A little more sewing and whoa la my creation is complete!

I was pretty darn proud to spend next to nothing on this project.  Something old, something new and new was a whopping $4 at our local Goodwill store.  I probably spent about 3 hours total to on my decorating efforts but I worked pretty slow and thorough.  It really impressed me that we had such a variety of styles and ideas among our staff.  That is an inspiration to me in that if I do this again I will invest more time in the creative phase.  I encourage others to decorate a corset and visualize the entire outfit to lead you on the journey and for goodness sakes Have Fun!


Hey OC Bloggers, this is Mary. I’m one of the very-happy-to-help-you Customer Care staff members. We love what we do here and love to share the love with all of you! I’m known for making coffee (French Press is the Bomb!) and bringing in made with care treats for my lovely team members. I think I’m also the senior on board but hey age is all in your mind right?

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