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In Your Words! Cassandra L’s Waist Training Journey

For those readers that may have arrived here somewhat unfamiliar with the concept of waist training, it is a form of body modification. We like to make the comparison to wearing braces to straighten your teeth. By continually applying pressure to your lower ribs and internal organs you can achieve a shift in both that will eventually give the you the hourglass shape when you are not wearing a corset. However after you’ve achieved your desired waistline, just like wearing your retainer after having your braces removed, you’ll have to continue with some “maintenance corseting” to retain the hourglass shape you worked so hard for. Latex cinchers and plastic boned fashion corsets aren’t appropriate for waist training as they are NOT able to apply the required pressure to the appropriate areas.

This week’s featured waist trainer is Cassandra L! Thanks, Cassandra for sharing your waist training journey with us!Cassandra 2

How long have you been waist training?

5 years.

How many days/week and hours/day do you wear your corset?

7 days a week, 6 hours a day.

What was the measurement of your uncorseted waist when you started and what is it now?

28 inches when I started and now 26″.cassandra L WT blog

What is your favorite corset to wear for waist training?

CS-426 short

What was your biggest waist training challenge?

Sometimes just getting me to put my corset on and not being lazy! The days that I don’t wear my corset I try to make-up by sleeping in one- although I don’t do this every night. Once I have the corset on it’s easy, making myself put it on is the hard part, lol, I can barely get myself to put a bra on half the time! I tend to wear my corset at work as it’s the easiest for me and then on my days off I will usually sleep in it (at least now that it’s the summer because on my days off I’m doing yoga or lying on the beach and can’t exactly wear my corset in those scenarios).

What advice do you have for someone just getting started waist training?

Be patient!! And choose carefully! – There are different styles for different reasons- carefully measure yourself and reach out to Orchard Corset customer service with questions. I originally purchased a 411- their most popular piece, but I have naturally quite full hips so the 411 did not suite my figure (I gave it to a friend though who it suited perfectly). The 426 measurements suited my full hips perfectly, but was too long for my torso for daily wear especially when sitting at a desk :/ Finally with the 426 short coming out I found my perfect match. Read the sizing guide for different models and carefully choose the best fit for your body. Corsets are a personal thing and need to fit you right in order to be comfortable and effective. When I first started I also wasn’t seasoning my corset properly and was rushing lacing down too tight too fast. Ease into it, seasoning and break in your piece so it molds to your body like a good leather shoe. If you rush it your body will be uncomfortable and the corset won’t mold to you- this started giving me indigestion until I finally realized and took a step back to let both my body and corset take time to adjust. Also corset with the weather! Thicker pieces like brocade are best for winter while mesh pieces are a god-send for summer!

Do you typically stealth corset or do you wear your corsets over your clothes?

I typically stealth when in public, but at home I just wear it over my clothes.

What do you like to wear when you are corseted?

Loose clothing belted at the waist. I find tight clothing shows the corset too much. For example a flowy summer dress or a high waisted A-line skirt with a nice belt to accentuate the waist looks a lot nicer than trying to wear a body con dress over a corset. A lot of retro inspired pieces are great for stealthing too.

Have you changed your diet & exercise habits while waist training? i.e. are you losing weight while you are waist training?

I have not changed my diet or exercising habits, I am naturally on the thinner side. I have no desire to lose weight so I am only training my waistline specifically. I do eat smaller meals while laced up due to the restriction of stomach expansion but in general not much change. I find this is why my progress is slower with me than some others, since I don’t have tons of “squish” I lace down to a 20″ corset (currently with a 2 inch gap) and am mostly training my muscle and floating ribs more than redistributing fat. I have lost 2 inches on my waist though and none on the rest of me 🙂

What has been your favorite part of corseting & waist training?

I love how it helps give me better posture, a wiggle in my walk and an hourglass figure. It makes me feel confident, structured and sexy. It’s not just a physical thing but also a mental thing! They say having matching bra and panties and cute undergarments to wear has proven to make women feel more “put together”, confident and beautiful throughout the day- now add a corset to that!!

Hey there all you blog fans! I'm Amber and I think working at Orchard Corset is the bees knees! I'm currently not allowed to drink French press coffee anymore....I can't handle it! Practical jokes are my favorite and scaring people is my specialty. High fives are the best greeting.


  • Mylena Gladwell

    I’m thinking about ordering me one I am having a hard time choosing what size to buy im size 16 pants wise and it asks what size I want to but it has anythi g from size s all the way to 3xl so I have no idea what size to choose from

  • Ingrid

    I thought that was the 426 short mesh … I went crazy trying to order it then noticed 😫 you don’t make it yet … Pls pls I need the 426 short in mesh in my life …

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Ingrid! To my knowledge, we don’t have plans to make a short 426 in mesh at this time… the 411 mesh would be very similar and the 201 mesh would be just a bit shorter version. I will certainly pass along your request to our design team though! Thank you and take care 🙂

  • Meredith

    What mesh corset style is Cassandra wearing in the attached photo? The post is tagged with “CS-411,” but I thought the 411 didn’t have a pointed bottom edge? I ask because I’m trying to get a better feel for the mesh corsets before ordering one to stealth in the heat of the deep South. Side note: Please consider making the 426 Short in mesh. That shape is great for me, but I need something really breathable to add to my corset wardrobe.

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Meredith! She’s wearing the 201 in beige mesh, the reason it’s tagged with CS-411 is that she mentions wearing it at first but finding that she is too wide in the hip to wear it comfortably. I do see that the 201 tag is missing though, so thank you for bringing that to our attention! I’ve fixed that now 🙂

      I will pass along your request for the 426 short in mesh. Thank you and have a good day!

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