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Corset Q & A Episode 50: OC Staff, What Is Your Favorite Corset & Why?

Do you have a question about steel boned corsets, waist training or corseting? The answer is probably somewhere in our Corset Q & A series.

Corset Q & A Episode 50: OC Staff, What Is Your Favorite Corset & Why?

In this memorable Corset Q & A, Cheri interviews Jennifer from Customer Service and Courtney from the shipping department about their favorite corset to wear and why. Jennifer is wearing the CS-426 in Black Satin. Jen loves how the 426 is a long line that covers areas that she and many other women worry about, her lower belly and “love handles”, to create a smooth hourglass figure, but doesn’t she look AMAZING, with or without a corset!

On the other hand, Courtney is wearing the CS-411 in Gun Metal Gray. Courtney loves how the 411 comes in many different colors and fabrics (the CS-411 is the only style that we carry in plaid fabric….perfect for Fall!) Also check out Courtney’s dual colored laces! Just in time for some Seahawk football! Don’t forget to grab some of our beautiful satin laces to go along with your new corset or to bring back to life an old corset!

Hopefully this Q & A provides you an insight to two of our team members and their favorite corset and why. Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.

Hi, I'm Carolyn! I'm the baby of OC so they take good care of me here. I love cargo pants, Birkenstocks and swimming. Guinea pig squeaks are beautiful music to my ears! Working at Orchard Corset is AMAZING! I work with strong, confident, beautiful women who assist me in finding myself.

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