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Corset Q&A 48: Can you Waist Train in an Overbust Corset?

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Corset Q & A Episode 48: Can you Waist Train in an Overbust corset?

Yes and no…

The sizing for off the rack overbust corsets has a lot of stipulations, your bust size needs to be proportionate to your measurements, you need to have a long torso and in the CS-511 you need to have the ample hip spring similar to the CS-426 underbust corset.  Back in the early days of waist training where the corset was also functionally used as an undergarment, your overbust corset was your bra and corset all in one.  Paired with the flow-y tunic style top underneath and your undergarments were period appropriate.

In today’s waist training world with the easy availability of off the rack corsets, it is important that you have a proper fitting overbust corset, if you want to be able to waist train as effectively as you would be able to with an underbust corset.  As an off the rack corset company, we try our very best to fit as many body types as possible but alas, not all bodies are ‘off the rack’.  If you plan to be an avid waist trainer and you want to use an overbust corset as your means of achieving that hourglass shape, we strongly urge you to seek a custom corsetiere.  A custom corsetiere would be able to make an overbust corset that fits you like a dream!

While it’s always important to wear a liner, it is especially important to wear a liner with an overbust corset like our CS-511 & CS-530 and even more so when you are going to be wearing it regularly and for long periods of time. We always recommend that you wear a liner between your skin and the corset; this is incredibly important for comfort, hygiene and keeping your corset looking good and lasting you a good long while.  Our skin has oils, we sweat, plus we apply perfume, lotion and soap….all of which can start breaking down your corset well before you have outgrown it.  Your liners can be specialty corset liners, cotton tank tops with the straps cut off so that they only cover your torso or even a cotton tube top would do the trick!  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something provide a layer between your skin and the corset.  A side note for those wearing an overbust corset for fun events and costumes and for a short period of time, foregoing a liner for a few short hours won’t irreparably damage your corset.

Hopefully this Q & A answers your question about the possibility to waist train in an overbust corset. Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.

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