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Corset Q & A Episode 46: Why Don’t Limited Edition Corsets Come in More Styles?

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Why Don’t Limited Edition Corsets Come in More Styles?

As the Inventory Control Manger I am the first one that gets to check out the latest and greatest of the Limited Edition corsets! If you’re wondering how the decisions are made about which corset styles and fabrics we decide to bring in as a limited edition, we have a little of the inside scoop for you in this week’s Corset Q&A. First of all it’s more art than science, but we typically introduce a Limited Edition corset every other month. Without a doubt, black is our top seller, so you’ll always see every style and fabric in black, but we understand that almost everyone likes a little splash of color now and then which is why we introduced our Limited Edition lines. Rather than having corsets of every color that sit on the shelves for months on end, we’ve decided to bring in smaller batches of new colors and fabrics. That means, if you’re looking to increase your corset wardrobe, we’ll give you the opportunity to add some color to your closet every two months!  On occasion (but rarely), if the Limited Edition is popular we will bring it back for another run. For example, the CS-201 White Mesh was such a huge hit and was requested for weeks after it was sold out, that we brought them back this summer! On even MORE rare occasions our customers love the Limited Edition corsets so much that we bring it into the house permanently, like the CS-345 in a gorgeous Black Brocade! Don’t ever count on it though, the majority of the time, once we sell out of a Limited Edition corset, they are gone for good!

Before ordering a shipment of Limited Edition corsets, we sit down and talk about the comments that we have received from customers, the season it will be when the corset arrives, the popular Pantones for the year, which styles are our current customer favorites and a whole bunch of other factors! Then we have to make our best guess about how many we should order. We need enough so that the majority of people that want one will be able to order, but NOT so many that we have a bunch of them sitting on the shelves months later!

The great news for our customers is that we plan to continue our trend of a new Limited Edition corset every two months so plan on continuing to expand your corset collection! The good news for ME is that I will be the one that is unpacking the corsets so I get to see them first, however, Renee our wonderful Social Media Manger, will let you know as soon as they are available on the site!!! And just like Renee mentions in the video the best way to stay up to date on the newest corsets and flash sales is to sign up for our Newsletter!

Hopefully this Q & A gives you a better understanding why we don’t carry every style in every single one of our Limited Edition corsets. Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.



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