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So You Think You Can Decorate…Brittney’s Corset!

When we were told that we were doing a corset decorating contest, I immediately knew what I would do with my corset.  I have had plans to make a Burlesque themed corset for quite some time and this was the perfect reason to get crafty!

Brittney- so you think you can decorate

I chose the white satin CS-511 for my corset and made my shopping list and headed to my local craft store.  I purchased assorted diameter faux pearl strands, clear and pink rhinestones, rhinestone glue and a fun beaded fringe.  I knew that the rhinestones would be the most time consuming so I got to work gluing those right away.  I tried to work with the lines of the corset so that when I put it on, the rhinestones would help to accentuate my natural curves and the curves of the corset.  Next up was the beaded fringe on the upper bust area and the lower edge of the corset, this was the trickiest part!  There were a few times that I had to pull it off and start over to make sure that everything was nice and neat.  The pearl strand halter straps were very easy to attach with fabric glue on the lining.  The last step was to make laces and lace it up with two sets of pink ribbon which added a lovely pop of color!  Brittney- so you think you can decorate

In total, I spent $30 on supplies (not including the corset) and about 6 hours of labor.  I love my corset and can’t wait to wear it out to fun events!

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