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So You Think You Can Decorate…Renee’s Corset

So you think you can decorate…

renee-so-you-think-you-can-decorste-Actually, I didn’t. I love crafts but I don’t consider myself to be a crafty person and while I’m creative, crafting is not where my creativity lies. But, after seeing some really great creatively decorated corsets that customers had done, I came up with this seemingly fun idea to have the OC team give it a try and see what we could come up. And, I’ll be honest, I surprised myself with it!

My corset choice was the easiest part of this competition. I have a pretty natural hourglass figure so my favorite corset is the CS-426 with hip ties. And, I chose to use the satin version as the canvas for this challenge. After that? I was at a loss for awhile. So, I did what most people taking on a DIY project do these days- I hit Pinterest. I started looking at corset designs and unique looks people had created. My creative juices started flowing and I started to concept something in my mind. I was all ready to design a simple, elegant, black and red look on this corset. And, off to the craft store I went!

But, like all good intentions, that kind of went to hell when I got to the craft store and fell in love with some fun, teal and purple bead strands I saw. They reminded me of Mardi Gras and were very much NOT black and red. Whatever, I’m adventurous. So, original plan scraped, I started to think of other mediums I could use to create a PhotoGrid_1434745120624look with these beads and stick within the $15 budget we had set. After about 30 minutes (there’s a lot of stuff to choose from!) I finally decided on fabric paint in teal, gemstone/bead glue, silver sequins and some other small multi-colored beads. Great…but now what? I had no idea how I was going to actually use any of this. I was completely flying by the seat of my pants. And, I had about 3 days to figure it out.

Which, I eventually did. Like, the week our corsets were due.  A group of us of worked on our corsets together one evening. I looked at it. And, looked at it. Finally deciding I would color alternate panels of the corset with the fabric paint. Leaving the remaining panels black for a bit of a fun, whimsical look. I set out, painted my corset, part of the table, my fingers. And, left it to dry over night.

Now, again, let me remind you that I don’t craft often and when I do, I’m not sure I would say I do it well. So, I was  mortified to check on my corset the next morning only to find the paint had nearly completely soaked into the corset fabric leaving funky (and not in a good way), unevenly colored panels. I’m sure a crafter would know this is normal and had been prepared for it. I did not. And I was stressed! But, I picked it up and threw another coat of paint on it. And let it dry. And, nearly cried when I came in the NEXT morning to find nearly the same situation. Fortunately, the third time was a charm and I did not have to tear my hair out from frustration! lol

Three coats of paint later and the night before the corset had to be turned in for judging, I spent the evening gluing PhotoGrid_1434745120624the beads on. I mirrored the look on both sides of the front of the corset but really didn’t have a pattern in my head. I just…started gluing. As I looked at it, I thought it would be fun to do a few rows of sequins along the bottom, alternating with large silver beads. Sadly, that took much longer than I had anticipated (around 3 hours) so I did not have time to decorate the back of the corset.

Looking to finalize that Mardi Gras feel, I wanted to add some extra brightness and what better way than to add  purple satin laces. So, I hopped over to our lacing station and made those, as well as new hip ties in the same color. I may mix that up and eventually add some gold laces in the back as well for a two-toned look; that’s the best thing about colored satin laces, you can do so much and it changes the entire look!

I would say, overall, my corset took about 5-6 hours of work. And, once I got started it was relatively easy and fast moving (with the exception of waiting for the paint to dry). If I had to do it over, I would likely use a cotton corset though. I’m not sure, but I think the paint might be easier to work with on that. I would also start a bit earlier just to give myself time to have finished the entire corset. Fortunately, ‘do it yourself’ lends itself the ability to alter and add, so I will be doing that in the future.

So, back the initial question. No, I didn’t think I could decorate. But it turns out, I CAN. And I’m pretty darn good at it too!

Hi! I'm Renee and I'm the Social Media Manger at Orchard Corset (which is perfect, as I'm a complete social media junkie in my personal life). I've been a fan of Orchard Corset for years and joined the team in March 2014. I recently decided to step my game up from casual tight lacer to waist trainer. I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm a little bit geek girl, a little bit fashionista. I'm two cats into my crazy cat lady starter kit, one of which is named Bruce Wayne. I'm known to burst into song at any given moment and own a vast, amazing shoe collection.


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