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In Your Words! Valerie T’s Waist Training Journey

For those readers that may have arrived here somewhat unfamiliar with the concept of waist training, it is a form of body modification. We like to make the comparison to wearing braces to straighten your teeth. By continually applying pressure to your lower ribs and internal organs you can achieve a shift in both that will eventually give the you the hourglass shape when you are not wearing a corset. However after you’ve achieved your desired waistline, just like wearing your retainer after having your braces removed, you’ll have to continue with some “maintenance corseting” to retain the hourglass shape you worked so hard for. Latex cinchers and plastic boned fashion corsets aren’t appropriate for waist training as they are NOT able to apply the required pressure to the appropriate areas.

This week’s featured waist trainer is Valerie T! Thanks, Valerie for sharing your waist training journey with us!

How long have you been waist training?

Since March 2014.

How many days/week and hours/day do you wear your corset?valeriet-corset6

3-4 days a week, no more than 5-6 hours per wear.

What was the measurement of your uncorseted waist when you started and what is it now?

32 inches is where I started; now I’m at 29 inches.

What is your favorite corset to wear for waist training?

I love ALL my corsets, so it’s hard to pick one. But my new favorite is my CS-201 mesh.

What was your biggest waist training challenge?

Being patient with the results and sizing down.

What advice do you have for someone just getting started waist training?

I would tell them that the results are all in time. First off, if you’re just starting out, I’m assuming you bought a NEW OTR corset, it is VERY important to season and train the corset to fit on you! (Believe me, I have a corset I have never seasoned before tight wear and the comfort of it is minimal compared to a correctly seasoned corset) Seasoning a corset can take a week or two, depending on how stiff (Higher amounts of boning or layers of fabric probably need those 2 weeks). Secondly, you should listen to your body when it comes to tightly lacing your corset. I have been in a few situations where I really, REALLY had my mind set to wear my corset but my gut wasn’t feeling it. My mind was set so I still put it on and laced it up, not really even that tight, even then it made me feel miserable even after I removed it. There was another time when I first started and I just wanted to get more of a curve and I ended up wearing it super tight and felt like I was suffocating after 10 minutes of wear. You shouldn’t feel pain when you are corseting. If you feel pain take it off! Take a break and try again tomorrow. This is not something you can just push through and make it happen over a month. it takes a lot of patience.

Do you typically stealth corset or do you wear your corsets over your clothes?

Usually over clothing, its just more comfortable to me than just stuffing myself in a corset and then into clothes; I notice I some times feel like I am overheated or humid when I wear them underneath. When I am at home is when I wear my corsets so I usually dress as laid back as possible. Although, I have worn my corset under clothing on a couple occasions and the results are fantastic!

What do you like to wear when you are corseted?

Depends on the corset. I have a few overbust corsets which I like to wear with skirts or dresses. For my underbust corsets I pretty much wear anything from normal T-shirt and jeans to dresses and skirts as well. There are endless possibilities.

Have you changed your diet & exercise habits while waist training? i.e. are you losing weight while you are waist training?

No I have not. I still weigh the same on average (my weight fluctuates from 125-130lbs).

What has been your favorite part of corseting & waist training?

I have always favored the silhouette that the corset is able to give. I also love the snugness, and if my back is a little achy, popping a corset on usually relieves it almost immediately.

If you’re waist training and would like to share your story, visit our My Waist Training Journey, Submission Form blog and send us your information! We might feature YOU in an upcoming blog!

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