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Corset 101: Which fabric is best when buying a corset?

After we have recommended a size and style for a customer, one of most commonly asked questions that we get is “Which fabric is best?”  The truth is there isn’t one set answer for that question.  All of the fabrics (cotton, satin, mesh, brocade or leather) are beautiful and made of very high strength materials.  But, all of the fabrics do have pros and cons and one may be a better option for you than the others.

If you plan to wear your corset under your clothes we suggest satin, your clothing will glide over the top of the corset like a slip under a dress rather than clinging to it.  Lint and pet hair won’t cling to the satin fabric either, which if you have pets may be a big deal for you!CS-411 in white Satin

If casual comfort is more your thing then cotton would be the one for you!  Cotton takes a bit longer to feel like it’s broken in, but once it is it will be as comfortable and easy to wear as your favorite denim jeans.  Stealthing cotton corsets is a little trickier because of the thicker fabric with more texture though.  CS-426 with hipties in black cotton

The brocade fabrics are a gorgeous, thick polyester blend that almost feel like a tapestry or upholstery fabric.  They look more elegant than a plain fabric and can add something a little extra to your outfit.  As it is a thicker, woven fabric it will take more wears for it to be as comfortable as a thinner fabric but once it is broken in to your body it will be a comfortable and classy addition to your wardrobe.CS-411 black, blue & gold brocade

Our lambskin leather is incredibly supple, it’s a fabric that it comfortable almost immediately.  Lambskin isn’t the stiff and rigid leather that most people expect when they think of leather fabrics.  Although your clothes wouldn’t cling to this fabric if you wore it under your clothing. it does have a bit more bulk to it so for this fabric it’s likely better to wear it over your clothing and show it off.  We don’t recommend daily waist training in your leather corsets though, as leather is a natural skin it can stretch out slightly over time.  

CS-305 in black leather lambskin

The mesh is one of our favorites around here!  It’s comfortable, it is easy to wear under or over clothing, you can wear it in the hot summer months without getting too warm and it gives a great silhouette because there is so little bulk to the corset.  CS-201 in black mesh

Although some of the fabrics will feel comfortable more quickly than others, we always recommend that you fully season your corset for 14 days using our seasoning method.

There it is…. all of our corset fabrics!  We hope that you found this list helpful.  We would love to hear what your favorite fabric is in the comments section.

Thanks for reading! I have worked at Orchard Corset for over 4 years, I started out as a customer service agent and worked my way into the role of Social Media Manager and Customer Service Team Supervisor. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son, husband and our 3 cats. I am a Whovian, a vegetarian and I love to explore our Wenatchee Valley.


  • Elizabeth Larson

    Hi, I found my way here via a blog on corset wearing for fibromyalgia. I a 31 yr old 5’2 Underbust 36
    Natural waist 37.25
    Upper hip 41
    Torso length 10.5
    Bust 45.25
    I normally live in Papua New Guinea and was wondering if satin corsets would wear well in that climate. Do you have suggestions for which corsets would suit? Mostly under fairly loose clothes. Thank you.

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Elizabeth! Did you watch our how to measure video to get those? If so, I’d recommend a size 30 in the 411, 345 or the 201. Cotton or mesh would be the most comfortable for hot & humid climates. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can help with anything else. Have an awesome day!

  • Riley

    Hi, I have a question about the sizing in the mesh, in the descriptions it says it may be better to size down when ordering the mesh cs201 well I can comfortably wear the cotton 411 fully closed in a size 24 (it’s been a couple of months since I was first able to close it and it closes every time) and was thinking about sizing down, do you think it would be better to order a size 22 or just go to 20 in the mesh 201? Thank you

        • Brittney Loveall-Talley

          Hi again Riley. Thanks for those measurements! I would go with a size 22 in the 411 or the 201 style. I think that if you are incredibly squishy (at least 2-3″ of squish naturally at the waist) then you might be able to wear a size 20. But, I think a size 22 would be a better option. You don’t want to wear a corset that is too small for you. That will put the bones in places on your body that won’t be comfortable and won’t be effective.

          I hope that helps!

  • Sheree Schmeisser

    My torso is very long. II I’m looking for an overbust, long, leather corset with lace/ribbon tie up front and back. I am normally a 34c cup and would like some built in padding. Any suggestions?

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Sheree! That sounds like an amazing corset wish! I wish we could help you with that specific pursuit but we do not carry an overbust corset in leather and all of our corsets lace in the back but have hooks and pins in the front. You might want to check with a custom corsetiere such as Lucy’s Corsetry whom we highly recommend. If you would like to consider a longline leather underbust corset please let us know!

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Sammi, I spoke with Cheri our COO about this… we are actually looking at increasing the CS-426 in mesh up to size 46, but it doesn’t look like it will be something we have in the 201 or the 411 due to how those sell and also because the 201’s boning structure wouldn’t hold up well to increasing the size. Keep an eye out for the mesh 426 🙂

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