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Corset Q & A Episode 42: What Are Garter Tabs And How Do I Use Them?

Do you have a questions about steel boned corsets, waist training or corseting? The answer is probably somewhere in our Corset Q & A series.

Garter tabs are loops sewn into the inside bottom edge of many of our corsets. They are used to attach garter extensions to the corset. Several of our styles of corsets include garter tabs, the CS-426 in the longline, CS-426 short, CS-345, and the CS-530 all have them. There are six garter tabs along the bottom of the corset, however, it is up to you how many garters you would like to use. Brittney, in the above video usually wears 3 tabs for each leg. Here at Orchard Corset, we sell 6″ and 4″ garter extensions in both black and white.

In our Q & A video Brittney wears two of our sexy thigh high stockings to show you how to attach the garter extensions onto the corset as well as how to attach them to the stockings. According to Brittney, “Make sure that the rubber side of the tabs attach under the stockings, in between the skin and stocking, then you will want to have some fabric between the metal clasp and the rubber hold.” One pair of stockings that Brittney is wearing has latex around the upper edge so that the stockings are more likely to stay up on their own, but it also makes it a bit harder to attach the garter extensions. The other stocking that she is wearing is a light weight thigh high that requires some kind of garter to stay up, but they are easier to attach the garter tabs to. So both have their pros and cons for beginners.

Hopefully this Q & A provides you examples of how customers attach and wear garters. Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.

Hi, I'm Carolyn! I'm the baby of OC so they take good care of me here. I love cargo pants, Birkenstocks and swimming. Guinea pig squeaks are beautiful music to my ears! Working at Orchard Corset is AMAZING! I work with strong, confident, beautiful women who assist me in finding myself.

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