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So You Think You Can Decorate…Mary’s corset

So you think you can decorate….


This was our challenge as Orchard Corset staff! It sounded like the perfect challenge for our team since we are quite a diverse bunch of individuals, and this would allow us to show off our personal style.  We were given the opportunity to select a corset and run with it to create a “custom” look.  We had a small budget ($30) to remain within and the free reign to decorate as we desired.

Hmm, I’ve never considered myself very crafty by nature, so I was tempted to decline but it’s hard not to get caught up in the energy and enthusiasm of this amazing team.  I was determined that I too could get out of my comfort zone and participate.  My first thought was to create something I would wear again and not just a piece of artwork.

I absolutely love the unique look of my CS-345 with snaps and often feel like it can accessorize a country themed outfit.  It just so happens that of my array of style preferences, country looks are high on the list.  I visualized my western jewelry and belts being just the right complement to a country style corset.  With the planning step accomplished I went off to the craft stores waiting for inspiration to jump out and bite me, haha!

I don’t often wear lace so I looked for subtle ivory lace.  One of my favorite colors happens to be an OC signature color, teal.  I found a nice ceramic cross in teal that would be good for front and center.  My daughter who happens to have the craft gene, shopped with me and suggested the pair of wings to be placed behind the cross. Then I searched for trim for some of the corset boning and found a cool black ribbon with silver diamonds on top.  I grabbed some sheer teal ribbon to underlay that so it would be noticed on the black corset.1795777_10155736560375008_4574673134725861850_n

As I was decorating this corset, memories came flooding back to when I wore a ridiculous outfit in the 80’s to a Rolling Stones concert (yes I’m that old!) which was adorned in silver conchos.  Why I saved that outfit is never to be known!  However, I did and lo and behold it now had a use.  I cut off a couple of those conchos and incorporated those along with a turquoise beaded earring and a burlap flower from the craft store onto my masterpiece.  I had one additional flower that didn’t make the cut but could be worn in my hair.  Simple and inexpensive was working for me and yes I truly plan on wearing my Western corset to a concert or some fun evenings out!

Hey OC Bloggers, this is Mary. I’m one of the very-happy-to-help-you Customer Care staff members. We love what we do here and love to share the love with all of you! I’m known for making coffee (French Press is the Bomb!) and bringing in made with care treats for my lovely team members. I think I’m also the senior on board but hey age is all in your mind right?

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