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Corset Q & A Episode 40: Did You Know You Can Share Pictures Of You In Your OC Corset On Instagram And Our Website?

Do you have a questions about steel boned corsets, waist training or corseting? The answer is probably somewhere in our Corset Q & A series.

Did you know you can share your pictures in your OC corset on our website and on Instagram?

I downloaded Instagram when I first started at Orchard Corset to follow the other team members and some of our favorite customers. I didn’t know how to use the app and thats why I enjoyed watching today’s Corset Q & A with Renee. In the video, Renee provides step by step instructions on how to share a photo on our Orchard Corset Instagram as well as how to share it on our product page at!

  1. Post a photo on Instagram wearing one of our corsets or maybe a picture of your corset still in the wrapping paper!!!
  2. Write a quick caption for your photo and include the hashtags #orchardcorset and #cs??? (replace the ??? with the style of your corset).
  3. The #orchardcorset hashtag will help us find you for our Instafan of the week and the #cs??? product hashtag will add your picture to the ‘customer images’ on our product page!


Hopefully this Q & A provides in more detail how to post your pictures to our Orchard Corset Intragram and website!! Who knows maybe you will be the next “OC Instafan of the Week!!!” Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.


Hi, I'm Carolyn! I'm the baby of OC so they take good care of me here. I love cargo pants, Birkenstocks and swimming. Guinea pig squeaks are beautiful music to my ears! Working at Orchard Corset is AMAZING! I work with strong, confident, beautiful women who assist me in finding myself.

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