Wear-It Wednesday

Wear-It Wednesday! May 27

It’s hump day AND it’s time for another blog from our Wear-It Wednesday series! Everyone always wants to know, “What can I wear with my corset?” We’ll break down an entire outfit, head to toe, that one of our ladies from Orchard Corset is wearing. We’ll let you know where she bought each item and how much she paid for it.

cheri301-black-cotton-wear-it-wednesday-fullIt’s the boss lady’s turn again today! To be honest, Cheri is a really snappy dresser and we could probably take pictures of her any day of the week and use her for EVERY Wear-It Wednesday. 😉 In addition to being quite stylish, she’s also super smart, never forgets ANYTHING (much to my dismay) and great to work for. She also knows more about corsets, waist training and sizing than anyone else in the company, which you will have already discovered if you have seen any of our Corset Q & A series or Corset 101 series!

cheri301-black-cotton-wear-it-wednesday-closeupOn to her outfit though. Her floral dress and turquoise shrug came from Fred Meyer as a set and cost $49. She’s paired it with our CS 301 Underbust Corset in Black Cotton, $65. Her shoes were a whopping $19.99 from Payless Shoe Source.

If you’d like some more ideas about what to wear with your corset, check out the other blogs from our Wear-It Wednesday series, and if you’re new to corseting and wondering which of our corset styles will work for you, take your measurements then head over to our corset sizing page and send them to our sizing experts. They will get back to you with a size and style of corset that will work for you based on your measurements!


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