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Corset Q & A 36: What Is The Best Way To Store A Corset?

Do you have a questions about steel boned corsets, waist training or corseting? The answer is probably somewhere in our Corset Q & A series.


What Is The Best Way To Store A Corset?

Brittney’s corset storage at work…she is a big fan of corsets, can you tell?

I adore the introduction into this Q & A session! However, knowing how to store your corsets isn’t a secret!!! In this quick video with the lovely Brittney, is our suggestion on how to store your corsets. We DON’T recommended that you store your corsets rolled up and placed in your underwear drawer! Instead, hang your corsets over a closet hanger with the “fashion” or outside fabric on the inside. You could also use a chair to hang it over or a drying rack (like Brittney uses for her many corsets!).

We’ve also included an additional link to a blog and video to answer more in depth questions about storing and caring for your corset. A great resource for all corset knowledge, we have created the corset 101 video series to answer your corset related questions! And if you are still unsure about storing your corset, you can call us to chat with one of the Customer Service ladies, maybe the star of the video, Brittney, will answer the phone!!!

How to store & clean your corset: How to store Corset 101

Hopefully that clears up any concerns or questions you might have about storing your corset! Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.

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