Orchard Corset Waist Trainers Series- Waist Training is HARD!!!

Look, it's me in my corset...finally. ;)

Look, it’s me in my corset…finally. 😉

Hey! So remember that time a few of weeks ago when I started waist training? It was awesome! I wore my CS 201 mesh corset every day. I was wearing it at least 6 hours at a time and I kept it up for a WHOLE WEEK, lol. So, THAT’S when I discovered what is hard about waist training….it’s not wearing the corset, it’s actually making yourself put the damn thing ON!!!

I came into work after that first week, looked at it and thought, “I don’t really feel like wearing you today, Ms. Thang, I will just see you tomorrow….” then I had the same conversation with my corset for the next several days. THEN I felt really icky and bloated for a couple of days, and of COURSE I didn’t want to wear it THEN. Finally I told Ms. Thang that I was done with thinking about it and I would see her the following Monday, and I have no idea what happened to THAT whole week, but somehow we could just not connect. 😉

Every day is another opportunity to make a new start though and I did that yesterday, and I’m back at it today with high hopes for the future! So here’s to second (and third and fourth) chances. Obviously I have no new measurements to report, but I am determined to have some in my next report, so stay tuned!

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  1. Alexa

    Oh Amy thats sad. I was considering the mesh for my first corset and you were going to be my guide. I fear I would give up too. No worries! I’ll start living vicariously through Cheri


    1. Sadly, I discovered that I just do not have the dedication required for traditional waist training. By day 4 I was giving my corset the evil eye when I came into work and by day 6 I was done. 😉 The main issue for me is that I spend almost all day sitting at my computer and I have a specific way that I like to sit which involves me being hunched down in my chair with my feet up. It is enough to make a chiropractor pull her hair out, but it is a LONG time habit! Wearing a corset actually forces me to sit with correct posture and while I can totally accept that it would be REALLY good for me, I’m just lazy and don’t want to change. 😉 So there you go…”confessions of a band wagon waist trainer”, lol.

  2. LadyMAG

    I can understand not wanting to wear it while feeling icky and bloated. I am actually feeling the same way now. I do have my corset on, but I am still seasoning mine. I wonder what waist trainers do in that case? Do they just not lace as tight?

    1. Thanks, Jess! I was very surprised at the mental push back I gave myself. Pretty funny, actually, kind of a similar conversation that I have with the donuts at Fred Meyer, except I’m telling them to stay IN the bakery case! 😉 Somehow they end up in my belly anyhow! Just the opposite with the corset it needs to be AROUND my belly, but it stays on the shelf!

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