Corset Q & A Series

Corset Q & A Episode 31: What Is Your Favorite Corset & Why?

In our Corset Q & A series we’ll be giving you quick answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding steel boned corsets, waist training and corseting here at Orchard Corset.

Corset Q & A Episode 31: What Is Your Favorite Corset & Why?

I remember my first week working at Orchard Corset, I was completely overwhelmed by the style selection we carry!  I quickly developed LOADS of respect for the knowledge that our sizing specialists have. Knowing which corset style would work the best for each body type from just four measurements?!!! Amazing! Even more amazing, to the newly hired me, was that most people had several choices of corset styles to chose from.

So how do you know which corset is perfect for your body?? In this video we get an insight into what some of my coworkers find as the perfect style for their bodies and why. I loved Jenny’s comments on why she loves the CS 305, she has a shorter torso and not a lot of natural curves. And for Jasmine the CS 411 is a better choice than the CS 426, since the 411 is a bit shorter and Jas doesn’t have quite enough hipspring to fill out the CS 426.

Remember that no matter which style of corset you chose, you can always change up your style with new fashion ribbon laces or paracord laces!!!

Hopefully that gives you a peek into which corsets some of our team members prefer and why! Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series!

Hi, I'm Carolyn! I'm the baby of OC so they take good care of me here. I love cargo pants, Birkenstocks and swimming. Guinea pig squeaks are beautiful music to my ears! Working at Orchard Corset is AMAZING! I work with strong, confident, beautiful women who assist me in finding myself.


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