Top 5 Corsets for the Week of April 5 – April 12 , 2015

Caylyn in the CS 201 Underbust CorsetWell it wasn’t surprising to see that FOUR out of the top 5 most popular corsets for last week were cotton, after all we were running a sale on cotton corsets! I was actually surprised to see that a satin corset was still in the mix! Here are the top 5 best selling corsets for the week of April 5-12:

  1. CS 426 Short Underbust Corset in Black Cotton
  2. CS 426 Underbust Corset in Black Cotton
  3. CS 426 Underbust Corset in Black Satin
  4. CS 345 Underbust Corset in Black Cotton
  5. CS 201 Underbust Corset in Black Cotton

Its fun to see which corsets are hot right now, but as you all know (we all know this, right???) the corset that is right for you is not the most popular one, its the one that fits YOUR body the best! For help with sizing and choosing a style, head over to our corset sizing page and give us your measurements. One of our corset sizing experts will get back to you with a recommendation!

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